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Bison Medallions 2) 4 oz Steaks $8.00 SALE Steak like 4 oz. each with 2 per pack. was $9.90 each NOW $8.00 while supplies last. SALE BUY NOW!  $8.00 each
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Bison Hamburger Patties $7.99 per Lb. 10 Pounds min. 1/3 of a pound Bison Patties with 5% Bison Fat added.   $7.99 lb
Bison Short Ribs 3 Lbs. per package $27.00 ea. package On Sale 3 to 4 inches long ribs 4 ribs per package. 3 Lbs.per pack, or $27 per package On Sale.   $9.00 lb
Bison Ground Bulk - 10 Pound min. 10 LBS. Packages 95% Bison @ 6.00 per Lb. 5% Bison Fat Added  $6.00 lb
Bison Strip Loins - New York Strip - $15.95 Per Lb. Sale Price of $15.95 per pound with an average weight of 6.00 or $95.00 each. Priced to sell.   $15.95 lb
Bison Tenderloin The best Tenderloin you will ever eat.   $24.00 lb
Bison Rib-Eye - $14.75 per Lb. Priced to sell $14.75 per Lb. Ave weight is 3.60 Lbs.  $53.00 each
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Osso Bucco 1.25 to 2 Cut, 2.04 Lbs ea @ $6.90  $14.00 lb
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Bison French Racks Bison French Racks on Sale at $18.90 per pound. Average weight is 5.50 or $103.95 each. Excellent for summer BBQ.  $103.95 each
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Elk Medallion - 2) 4 oz. cuts per pack Individuality packed and cut Medallions with an avearge weight of 0.04 oz. Two per package. Sale Price $12.00 each An Excellent Small Cut of Elk Meat   $12.00 each
Out of Stock
Elk Strip Loin - $22.75 per lb. Whole Loin, no waste, very tender, $21.88 Per Lb. Ave weight 2.20 Per Lb.   $50.05 each
Out of Stock
Elk Sirloin - $13.70 per lb. Whole Loin, excellent to cut steaks from ave. weight 2.06 pounds. Only $13.70 Per Lb.   $28.22 each
Out of Stock
Elk Top Round - $15.00 per lb. Whole, Excellent Cut/Best Average weight 5.33 pounds per roast.   $79.95 each
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Elk Tenderloin - $22.90 per lb. Whole Pismole, no waste, excellent cut, 2.03 Lb Ave weight @ $22.90 per pound  $46.50 each
Out of Stock
Elk Bottom Round $12.00 per Lb. Whole Roast Excellent Stu Meat Lower end cut of Elk Meat 7.00 Ave. weight per Roast at $12.00 per pound  $84.00 each
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Elk Ground Patties - $6.78 per lb. 95% Rocky Mountain Elk, 5% Beef Fat Added.   $6.78 lb
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Elk Ground Bulk - $6.50 per lb. Sale 1 pound packages. 100% Rocky Mountain Ground Elk   $6.50 lb
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Elk French Rack - $22.95 per lb. 8 Ribs/chops Ave.weight 4.20 Lbs ea.   $96.00 each
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Elk Polish Sausage 1 Lb. Package  $9.90 each
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Elk Italian Sausage 1 Lb. Package  $10.50 each
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Elk Jerky 4 oz. Packages, Regular, Honey or Black Pepper   $7.50 each
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Elk Hides- II Complete mature Cow Elk Hide tanned and ready for show.  $395.00 each
Elk Antlers Elk Antlers that have been removed from animal in hard antler form.  $10.50 lb
Elk Sirloin Tip $4.00 per Lb. "Peeled" Whole 5.77 average weight per roast @ $4.00 per pound  $23.08 each
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Bison Medallions @ $8.00 each Bison Medallions are 4oz. 2 per pack steak like derived from Bison top Rounds, Sirloins.  $8.00 each

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Inside Montana: 30 Lbs. and under: $45.00
31 Lbs. and under 45 Lbs. $62.00

Above 45 Lbs. call (406) 266-4646

East Coast: 30 Lbs. and under $99.00
31 Lbs and under 40 Lbs $140.00
Above 41 Lbs call (406) 266-4646

Outside Montana: 30 Lbs. and under $90.00
31 Lbs. and under 50 Lbs. $129.00
Above 51 Lbs. call (406) 266-4646

At MONTANA ELK CO., LLC, we work hard to ensure the most efficient and economical mode of transportation for our customers. All orders are shipped via FedEx 2nd Day out side of MT., and FedEx Ground within MT.

All shipments qualify for FedEx discounts and are passed on to our customers.

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