Kings kept red deer stags, ancestors of our Rocky Mountain Elk or Wapiti, on their game preserves as an excellent source of gourmet venison. The meat from farm raised Elk, the premier venison, is very well flavored and low in fat and cholesterol. Compared to other meats, with Elk you get more protein nutrients while getting fewer calories from fat.

Individual cuts of Elk appear identical to beef except for the rich color. Prior to cooking, the meat is darker, due to the fact that it is richer in iron and is not marbled in fat, yet it is rich in flavor. Elk does not require as much cooking or as high a temperature as other meats.

Quality Assurance

Montana Elk Company has impressive "Quality Assurance" (QA) components that assure confidence in the industry and its products. Most of these QA protocols are based in federal and State legislation while others are supported voluntarily. The QA components include the following:

1. Product safety -- Products are processed from farm to consumer in a manner that ensures food safety.  

2. High quality -- Products are processed, formulated, packaged and labeled using protocols that promote quality and consistency.

3. Animal care -- The farmed Elk industry proactively leads, researches and improves Elk care, management and health care.

4. Environment -- By nature, farmed Elk have a low impact on the environment. The industry is committed to ensuring that farming practices minimize environmental impact. 

Elk meat is not only tasty, but is lower in fat, cholesterol, and calories than "traditional" red meats. For this reason, the demand for elk meat is increasing among health conscious consumers. Venison consumption in the United States, which includes Elk meat, has more than doubled since 1992.

The American Elk Products Board (AEPB) has addressed food and product safety issues through its Quality Assurance Program. This program promotes practices that yield products which are free of growth hormones, antibiotics, and other substances that are not natural.
Elk venison is a delicacy that has not been readily available to the general public. Usually, the only way to obtain elk meat is to go out into the wild and harvest your own elk. Until now. Rocky Mountain Elk Company offers the finest in gourmet Elk products available today.

We know from experience how well Elk meat compliments a well rounded gourmet menu. Exotic by nature, elk on the menu will attract the attention of any adventurous patron. They will not regret their decision, neither will you.