Mature bulls average 800 - 1100 pounds; stand 5' to 5.5' high at the shoulder.They dress out at approximately 60% of live weight.

They are capable of breeding at two years of age.

The antlers' number of points is influenced by genetics and feed, as well as by maturity.

Antlers fall off the animals naturally in March and grow again every year. On the other hand, horns on cattle never regenerate.

Mature Cows average 550 - 600 pounds; stand 4' to 5' at the shoulder.

Most 18 month-old females will cycle if they weigh at least 430 pounds.

They do not grow antlers.

They are very good mothers.

They are born in May and June and spend the first week of their lives in tall grass, usually getting up only to nurse.

They are spotted when born and develope their brown coats in six months.

Through natural instinct, the cow watches the calf from a short distance, drawing near when it is threatened.